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Company Name: Middle Bridge Ltd
Company Address: 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB22 6DP, United Kingdom

HaiZhou Cheung:90’s Cat Owner With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Before starting a business, Haizhou was a well-known designer of the well-known design company LKK Design Group to design products for Panasonic, Tencent, Midea, OPPO and other companies.

He Lives a life of working from nine to eleven every day and it has nothing special.
After winning the domestic and international design awards such as IF, Red Dot, Taiwan Golden Point Award, Hong Kong Successful Design Award, he began to think about changing his lifestyle. 


Slow down and start to do something passionate.

After resigning, this mature boy finally started his favorite pet business. Working experience in the design company has laid a solid foundation for Haizhou's entrepreneurship. As a designer with obsessive compulsive disorder,he is extremely demanding from design to supply chain production, choice of material technology, and robust quality control of the structure.

As the first product of his own business, the cat litter pot took a whole year.


After Getting along with the cat for 24 hours for several months.

 “An eccentric 90’s with calm appearance.”

When he was asked how to describe himself,he always answers like this.

 Calm is the first impression when you see him at the sight, as if all the enthusiasm can only be provoked when talking about cats.

 At the university, Haizhou bought an ill dog in the school flyover, and finally succeeded in saving the little guy via various methods. This is where he fells into the love of cute pets.

Except design, what he can take initiative to learn  is about pets, especially about cats.

 After he resigned from his last job ,he spent a few months with his cat master @大臀哥麻薯, 24 hours a day.

He recorded his life his cat and shared it online. There are also more and more netizens who fall in love with this fat cat.


Cats are inherently magical, even if they just lick their paws, take a few steps and sit on the sill to see the scenery, which makes us feel comfortable.

 Before this, the designer of cat litter box always thought that pets need to be domesticated (of course, it is). However, if people make a careful thinking, they will find that the process of getting along with some cats is the process of being domesticated. For example, whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, your cat may wake you up every morning, meow when getting hungry, pull you to shovel, and force you to give him privileges of grabbing the sofa and curtains, breaking the vases, and so on. When getting along with the cat, you are willing to fall your bottom line.

 "As an ordinary person on the earth, I have gained a feeling of transcending languages and species in this impetuous world. So, make a product for the cat." Haizhou said.

From a perceptual point of view, the litter box is a promise from cat lovers to cats .

 The ideal life where people and pets live in harmony

One month before the start of the design, Haizhou and the team went to areas with developed pet markets such as Japan and Hong Kong to investigate pet products on the market and observe the living habits of the pet owners.

 In doing user research, he found that the changes in the role of pets in the family are increasingly recognized by everyone.From playmates - friends - family members, pets also motivate people's habits to gradually change. 

The ms cat litter box is the expression of this concept.

The exterior is very simple, with raised wooden feet, making it look like a small piece of furniture, simple and cute, beautiful placed anywhere.

 Found in observation,The cat has some interesting features like cartilage. Like to drill holes, like to hide and seek.

Therefore, when designing, he deliberately made a slightly smaller hole, and the cat saw that it would instinctively drill in and reduce the situation that the cat did not adapt.

At the same time, it will slow down the speed at which the cat jumps out and reduce the situation of cat litter. The diameter of the hole is about 20cm.

After the product samples came out, the designer took the product to a lot of pet shops for different types of cats. The results showed that cats under 7 kg could be used.

Because the cat is healthy and beautiful, the friends around me will come to me to communicate. The joy brought by the cat and the design is the mutual benefit of each other, the details of the pet's life, so that I can have the inspiration To design the product. And the works designed are also better to live with pets. The vanity of the designer is to express himself in the work.

MS pets will continue to adhere to this concept and show more possibilities for pets and people to live!